2020 Results

Congratulations to our 2020 Virtual Race Finishers!

There were no official finish times for 2020 due to it being a virtual race.

Aarseth, S5K
Abshire, SHalf Marathon
Adolfo, THalf Marathon
Agila, CHalf Marathon
Albus, AHalf Marathon
Ali, CHalf Marathon
Allanach, JHalf Marathon
Allchin, NHalf Marathon
Allsteadt, JHalf Marathon
Allsteadt, MHalf Marathon
Altenbern, JHalf Marathon
Altott, AHalf Marathon
Alvarado Santiago, I5K
Amedeo, mHalf Marathon
Andaas, SHalf Marathon
Anderson, J5K
Andrade, MHalf Marathon
Andreoni, J5K
Andrews, DHalf Marathon
Antonioli, HHalf Marathon
Arcivar, CHalf Marathon
Ardaugh, K5K
Arnold, JHalf Marathon
Arnold, S5K
Asuncion, M5K
Ayala, MHalf Marathon
Bachu, AHalf Marathon
Badmus, SHalf Marathon
Bailey, JHalf Marathon
Baker, KHalf Marathon
Barber, JHalf Marathon
Barger, A5K
Barnswell, B5K
Barreto, FHalf Marathon
Barta, CHalf Marathon
Barta, HHalf Marathon
Baum, GHalf Marathon
Baumgarten, CHalf Marathon
Baumgarten, JHalf Marathon
Beall, BHalf Marathon
Beard, NHalf Marathon
Beattie, HHalf Marathon
Becerra, P5K
Bell, CHalf Marathon
Benyo, CHalf Marathon
Benyo, J5K
Bernat, RHalf Marathon
Bevini, MHalf Marathon
Black, KHalf Marathon
Blackburn, DHalf Marathon
Blaine, CHalf Marathon
Blaser, M5K
Boehm, MHalf Marathon
Boehm-Goodnick, KHalf Marathon
Bollinger, A5K
Bolwin, K5K
Bond, SHalf Marathon
Bongat, R5K
Booty, JHalf Marathon
Bora, K5K
Boyer, RHalf Marathon
Boyer, SHalf Marathon
Braun, J5K
Brazda, JHalf Marathon
Breier, RHalf Marathon
brohan, mHalf Marathon
Brooks, LHalf Marathon
Brossard, T5K
Brown, JHalf Marathon
Brune, CHalf Marathon
Bruscianelli, JHalf Marathon
Bruursema, THalf Marathon
Burchardt, AHalf Marathon
Burdiak, S5K
Burke, SHalf Marathon
Burns, MHalf Marathon
Burr, KHalf Marathon
Byron, CHalf Marathon
Cabrera, RHalf Marathon
Cagigal, DHalf Marathon
Cahoon, BHalf Marathon
Calderon, VHalf Marathon
Calica, DHalf Marathon
Camacho, DHalf Marathon
Campbell, DHalf Marathon
Campbell, GHalf Marathon
Caracheo, MHalf Marathon
Carey, SHalf Marathon
Carr, RHalf Marathon
Castro, GHalf Marathon
Cecala, AHalf Marathon
Chally, B5K
Chally, K5K
Chapman Simmons, MHalf Marathon
Char, R5K
Charlesworth, K5K
Cherukuri, VHalf Marathon
Chilcoat, THalf Marathon
Chinnala, SHalf Marathon
Choi, J5K
Chorba, A5K
Choudhary, SHalf Marathon
Ciardiello, JHalf Marathon
Cienkosz, M5K
Cizek, KHalf Marathon
Clay, CHalf Marathon
Coe, JHalf Marathon
Coffey, kHalf Marathon
Cohen, JHalf Marathon
Conger, CHalf Marathon
Connor, NHalf Marathon
Conrad, D5K
Conrad, KHalf Marathon
Contreras, JHalf Marathon
Contreras, LHalf Marathon
Contursi, S5K
Corbitt, J5K
Corner, MHalf Marathon
Coronado Guerrero, C5K
Couch, JHalf Marathon
Couch, K5K
Couch, K5K
Couch, MHalf Marathon
Coyle, KHalf Marathon
Coyle, SHalf Marathon
Craig, AHalf Marathon
Creed, DHalf Marathon
Creger, LHalf Marathon
Crim, LHalf Marathon
Cruz, JHalf Marathon
Cummings, AHalf Marathon
Dailing, A5K
Dailing, M5K
Daker, MHalf Marathon
Dalson, DHalf Marathon
DAmbrosio, GHalf Marathon
Darling, PHalf Marathon
Darnell, S5K
Dauskurdas, EHalf Marathon
Dauskurdas, J5K
Dave, BHalf Marathon
Davis, CHalf Marathon
Decker, MHalf Marathon
Dee, AHalf Marathon
DeGeus, J5K
DellAngelo, AHalf Marathon
Depakakibo, SHalf Marathon
Deweese, DHalf Marathon
DeWyze, KHalf Marathon
Diaz, CHalf Marathon
Diemeke, AHalf Marathon
Dierking, DHalf Marathon
Dine, THalf Marathon
Dominak, THalf Marathon
Donofrio, THalf Marathon
Donovan, MHalf Marathon
Dooling, JHalf Marathon
Drase, VHalf Marathon
Drever, RHalf Marathon
Driscoll, SHalf Marathon
Droira, CHalf Marathon
Drummer, LHalf Marathon
Dryer, PHalf Marathon
Dunfee, M5K
Durkin, NHalf Marathon
Dyja, JHalf Marathon
Eads, MHalf Marathon
Eden, H5K
Edmond, THalf Marathon
Eischen, A5K
Ekkebus, S5K
Ekpenyong, A5K
Elste, LHalf Marathon
Engler, CHalf Marathon
Ericksen, JHalf Marathon
Erickson, AHalf Marathon
Erwin, JHalf Marathon
Escobar, A5K
Esquivel, R5K
Esquivel, RHalf Marathon
Estey, AHalf Marathon
Falvey, PHalf Marathon
Fasolo, MHalf Marathon
Fielding, NHalf Marathon
Fisher, JHalf Marathon
Fisher, THalf Marathon
Fitzpatrick, MHalf Marathon
Flamm, LHalf Marathon
Flanders, KHalf Marathon
Fleckenstein, JHalf Marathon
Fleming, KHalf Marathon
Fleury, DHalf Marathon
Folley, CHalf Marathon
Forde, DHalf Marathon
Frederick, A5K
Fredrick, A5K
Frigo, GHalf Marathon
Frigo, KHalf Marathon
Froehlich, DHalf Marathon
Gallagher, MHalf Marathon
Gallagher, THalf Marathon
Garcia, K5K
Garcia, OHalf Marathon
Garlough, MHalf Marathon
Gasior, T5K
Gatdula, AHalf Marathon
Gauthier, FHalf Marathon
geers, aHalf Marathon
George, C5K
George, LHalf Marathon
Georgias, LHalf Marathon
Gerber, A5K
Gervais, K5K
Getty, THalf Marathon
Giacobbe, MHalf Marathon
Ginnetti, RHalf Marathon
GIrald, RHalf Marathon
Glasby, BHalf Marathon
Glickman, R5K
Glosson, J5K
Gonzalez, V5K
Goode, JHalf Marathon
Gopinath, S5K
Gorrell, THalf Marathon
Govindhasamy, SHalf Marathon
Graham, AHalf Marathon
Greenwald, JHalf Marathon
Griseto, THalf Marathon
Guerrero, E5K
Gupta, A5K
Haas, R5K
Haberstich, CHalf Marathon
Hains, JHalf Marathon
Hale, KHalf Marathon
Hale, MHalf Marathon
HALL, JHalf Marathon
Hanley-Anshel, KHalf Marathon
Harris, J5K
Harry, CHalf Marathon
Hart, THalf Marathon
Harte, BHalf Marathon
Harter, B5K
Hartje, JHalf Marathon
hartje, kHalf Marathon
Hartney, R5K
Hashiguchi, M5K
Hassan, BHalf Marathon
Hauser, B5K
Hauser, KHalf Marathon
Hawco, SHalf Marathon
Helm, THalf Marathon
Henz, L5K
Herrmann, R5K
Hicks, RHalf Marathon
Highland, B5K
Highland, S5K
Hodapp, DHalf Marathon
Hoh, LHalf Marathon
Holm, MHalf Marathon
Holton, MHalf Marathon
Holzfeind, DHalf Marathon
Hopf, MHalf Marathon
Horvath, J5K
Hoskin, DHalf Marathon
Howland, KHalf Marathon
HUANG, RHalf Marathon
Hughes, KHalf Marathon
Hughes, MHalf Marathon
HUNNIUS, BHalf Marathon
HUNNIUS, KHalf Marathon
Hunt, LHalf Marathon
Imbordino, MHalf Marathon
Ingold, MHalf Marathon
Ivancevic, JHalf Marathon
Jackson, THalf Marathon
Jagielski, LHalf Marathon
Janatka, AHalf Marathon
Janatka, E5K
Jayabalan, PHalf Marathon
Jayne, SHalf Marathon
Jedrzejak, D5K
Jenkins, JHalf Marathon
Jiwani, BHalf Marathon
Johnson, EHalf Marathon
Johnson, JHalf Marathon
Johnson, NHalf Marathon
Johnson, SHalf Marathon
Johnson, SHalf Marathon
Johnston, L5K
Kaht, E5K
Kaht, E5K
Kaler, J5K
Kalish, C5K
Kamat, N5K
Kamer, HHalf Marathon
Kaminski, BHalf Marathon
Kamphuis, J5K
Kamps, GHalf Marathon
Kartheesan, GHalf Marathon
Kash, JHalf Marathon
Keating, MHalf Marathon
Keeling, KHalf Marathon
Kelly, MHalf Marathon
Kelly, MHalf Marathon
Kempher, LHalf Marathon
Kettlewell, THalf Marathon
Kiburg, BHalf Marathon
Kiburg, MHalf Marathon
Kiel, JHalf Marathon
Kiel, THalf Marathon
Kifer, A5K
Kifer, E5K
Kim, YHalf Marathon
Kirsininkas, RHalf Marathon
Kiser, MHalf Marathon
Kissane, MHalf Marathon
Kliment, CHalf Marathon
Knecht, MHalf Marathon
knoles, jHalf Marathon
Knorr, S5K
Kocsis, JHalf Marathon
Kohoutek, A5K
Kohoutek, M5K
Kolar-Hellman, KHalf Marathon
Kolb, KHalf Marathon
Konjeti, RHalf Marathon
kosobudzki, lHalf Marathon
Kovar, SHalf Marathon
Koziol, DHalf Marathon
Krasowski, BHalf Marathon
Kraus, EHalf Marathon
Krause, AHalf Marathon
Krause, KHalf Marathon
Krauss, SHalf Marathon
Krol, C5K
Krup, W5K
Kulevich, JHalf Marathon
Kunkel, GHalf Marathon
Kuryla, JHalf Marathon
Kuryla, NHalf Marathon
Lam, CHalf Marathon
Lambert, DHalf Marathon
Lambert, WHalf Marathon
LaMonto, LHalf Marathon
Landon, PHalf Marathon
Landstrom, A5K
Lantz, VHalf Marathon
Laper, JHalf Marathon
Lapetino, S5K
Laramore, R5K
Larsen, JHalf Marathon
Larsen, RHalf Marathon
Latus, KHalf Marathon
Latus, NHalf Marathon
Lauff, JHalf Marathon
LEAKEAS, SHalf Marathon
Lebensorger, K5K
Leber, K5K
Leber, M5K
Lehner, AHalf Marathon
Lessen, JHalf Marathon
Lessen, JHalf Marathon
Letourneau, PHalf Marathon
Lewis, JHalf Marathon
Lewis, K5K
Linden, MHalf Marathon
Lindow, KHalf Marathon
Loehrke, MHalf Marathon
Lomuntad, KHalf Marathon
Longenbaugh, A5K
Lopez, LHalf Marathon
LoPiccolo, JHalf Marathon
LoPiccolo-Bishop, AHalf Marathon
Loughrige, CHalf Marathon
LOVE, SHalf Marathon
Lu, YHalf Marathon
LUKAWSKI, KHalf Marathon
Madson, JHalf Marathon
Maggio, JHalf Marathon
Mainland, MHalf Marathon
Majack, M5K
Makiejus, SHalf Marathon
Malartsik, DHalf Marathon
Malartsik, JHalf Marathon
Maldonado-Delwiche, R5K
Maley, AHalf Marathon
Malkowski, LHalf Marathon
Mann, JHalf Marathon
Many, J5K
Marquez-Sanders, M5K
Marsaglia, DHalf Marathon
Martin, MHalf Marathon
Mattson, A5K
matula, jHalf Marathon
Mayoralgo, JHalf Marathon
Maze, DHalf Marathon
McAdams, JHalf Marathon
McCarthy, CHalf Marathon
McCluskey, HHalf Marathon
McLachlan, AHalf Marathon
McPhillips, L5K
Melchiori, SHalf Marathon
Menendez, SHalf Marathon
Mevoli, JHalf Marathon
Miara, C5K
Milewski, JHalf Marathon
Miller, BHalf Marathon
Miller, BHalf Marathon
Miller, D5K
Miller, EHalf Marathon
Miller, HHalf Marathon
Miller, JHalf Marathon
Miller, M5K
Minear, C5K
Montes, A5K
Moore, J5K
Moore, S5K
Moore, T5K
Morales, SHalf Marathon
Morris, K5K
Morrissy, THalf Marathon
Morton, BHalf Marathon
Moyers, CHalf Marathon
Moza, D5K
Mueller, CHalf Marathon
Mulcrone, B5K
Muliyati, NHalf Marathon
Muniz, SHalf Marathon
Munoz, BHalf Marathon
Munoz, DHalf Marathon
Murphy, JHalf Marathon
Murphy, JHalf Marathon
Murphy, MHalf Marathon
Myers, JHalf Marathon
Myrick, M5K
Nagle, KHalf Marathon
Nair, AHalf Marathon
NALLAMUTHU, MHalf Marathon
Nameche, M5K
Nathan, BHalf Marathon
Nauman, THalf Marathon
Navratil, DHalf Marathon
Naylor, SHalf Marathon
Negley, KHalf Marathon
Nelson, BHalf Marathon
Nelson, EHalf Marathon
Neumann, VHalf Marathon
Ng, C5K
Ng, SHalf Marathon
Nichols, SHalf Marathon
Nickel, SHalf Marathon
Nied, J5K
Nilson, RHalf Marathon
Nissley, T5K
Niznik, PHalf Marathon
Niznik, SHalf Marathon
Nobrega, FHalf Marathon
Norris, KHalf Marathon
Northam, EHalf Marathon
Norton, J5K
Nowoj, A5K
ogura, sHalf Marathon
Olsen, DHalf Marathon
Ong, Y5K
Ono, MHalf Marathon
Opelt, KHalf Marathon
Oriold, LHalf Marathon
Orndorff, E5K
Ortinau, LHalf Marathon
Ortinau, THalf Marathon
Ortiz, JHalf Marathon
Ortiz, JHalf Marathon
Pagano, BHalf Marathon
Pagano, LHalf Marathon
Pahl, SHalf Marathon
Paribello, AHalf Marathon
Paribello, L5K
Parikh, SHalf Marathon
Park, LHalf Marathon
Parker, SHalf Marathon
Pasternak, RHalf Marathon
Patterson, CHalf Marathon
Pavelchik, CHalf Marathon
Pawliw, AHalf Marathon
Pealer, A5K
Pearson, RHalf Marathon
Peck, AHalf Marathon
Pelkowski, CHalf Marathon
Pemberton, K5K
Perkins, DHalf Marathon
Perkins, PHalf Marathon
Perloff, AHalf Marathon
Perry, RHalf Marathon
Perry, RHalf Marathon
Perry, W5K
Peters, G5K
Peters, MHalf Marathon
Peters, SHalf Marathon
Peterson, CHalf Marathon
Pfeiffer, CHalf Marathon
Piehl, C5K
Piwowar, tHalf Marathon
Ploger, MHalf Marathon
Pociask, E5K
Potthoff, MHalf Marathon
Price, CHalf Marathon
Purcell, MHalf Marathon
Quah, CHalf Marathon
Quebbeman, JHalf Marathon
Ragusa, M5K
Ragusa, M5K
Ramachandran, DHalf Marathon
RAMANATHAN, VHalf Marathon
Ramer, PHalf Marathon
Ramer, RHalf Marathon
Ramer Holmes, AHalf Marathon
Raslavicius, KHalf Marathon
Ratliff, THalf Marathon
Rauch, EHalf Marathon
Rayner, AHalf Marathon
Recknagel, SHalf Marathon
Reinagel, HHalf Marathon
Reindl, JHalf Marathon
Riddiford, THalf Marathon
Ridgeway, J5K
Rieman, MHalf Marathon
Robinson, D5K
Robson, JHalf Marathon
Rodakowski, BHalf Marathon
Rodriguez, JHalf Marathon
Roeder, T5K
Roets, JHalf Marathon
Romero, A5K
Romero, CHalf Marathon
Rosa, B5K
Rosa, P5K
Rueffer, JHalf Marathon
Ruiz, AHalf Marathon
Rusenas, A5K
Rusenas, R5K
Sabatini, MHalf Marathon
Sacher, JHalf Marathon
Sadowski, MHalf Marathon
Salamon, THalf Marathon
Salmon, JHalf Marathon
Sanchez, DHalf Marathon
Sanders, T5K
Sanford, E5K
Sangannagari, BHalf Marathon
Sapal, RHalf Marathon
Sayers, CHalf Marathon
Schade, A5K
Scherer, BHalf Marathon
Schlesinger, R5K
Schmitz, DHalf Marathon
Schnell, JHalf Marathon
Schoger, A5K
Schuler, CHalf Marathon
Schultz, AHalf Marathon
Schulz, A5K
Schulz, S5K
Seiling, DHalf Marathon
Sentman, JHalf Marathon
Sepulveda, IHalf Marathon
Sepulveda, MHalf Marathon
Serrato, GHalf Marathon
Shala, KHalf Marathon
Sharma, SHalf Marathon
Sheble, L5K
Sherman, JHalf Marathon
Sherman, S5K
Shirley, SHalf Marathon
Sibenaller, KHalf Marathon
Siddiqui, Z5K
Sims, J5K
Sinclair, MHalf Marathon
Sincora, CHalf Marathon
Sincora, MHalf Marathon
Slater, B5K
Small, BHalf Marathon
Smith, CHalf Marathon
Smith, EHalf Marathon
Smith, KHalf Marathon
Smith, MHalf Marathon
Smith, RHalf Marathon
Sobczak, N5K
Soltwedel, CHalf Marathon
Soltwedel, GHalf Marathon
Spinelli, SHalf Marathon
Sporleder, CHalf Marathon
Sreedhar, PHalf Marathon
Staniszewski, K5K
steinbauer, sHalf Marathon
Stenson, W5K
Stewart, S5K
STOCKER, CHalf Marathon
Streit, EHalf Marathon
Summers, BHalf Marathon
Sumner, G5K
Sutor, KHalf Marathon
Swain, PHalf Marathon
Swain, P5K
Switt, PHalf Marathon
Szostak, AHalf Marathon
Szostak, KHalf Marathon
Taylor-Demming, S5K
Telang, SHalf Marathon
TerBush, J5K
Ternberg, MHalf Marathon
Thanakijlurskool, SHalf Marathon
Thomas, M5K
Thomson, THalf Marathon
Thurston, SHalf Marathon
Tiritilli, MHalf Marathon
To, THalf Marathon
Todorovic, VHalf Marathon
Tomaszewski, GHalf Marathon
Tonon, EHalf Marathon
Troupis, C5K
Turk, LHalf Marathon
Ulivi, KHalf Marathon
Urbaniak, JHalf Marathon
Urbano, SHalf Marathon
Vaccaro, JHalf Marathon
Van Horn, NHalf Marathon
Vanzandt, KHalf Marathon
Varney, DHalf Marathon
Vesely, THalf Marathon
Vicente, D5K
Villa, EHalf Marathon
Vohra, A5K
VonDran, CHalf Marathon
Waite, HHalf Marathon
WALKER, MHalf Marathon
Wallin, DHalf Marathon
Walter, RHalf Marathon
Walters, MHalf Marathon
Waramit, N5K
Weiss, SHalf Marathon
Wendt, DHalf Marathon
Wentzel, JHalf Marathon
Werba, K5K
Werba, MHalf Marathon
Whitfield, FHalf Marathon
Whitfield, SHalf Marathon
Wicyk, MHalf Marathon
Wietbrock, SHalf Marathon
Wilson, JHalf Marathon
Wilson-Gamble, S5K
Winters, MHalf Marathon
Wiswesser, MHalf Marathon
Womack, JHalf Marathon
Woods, A5K
Woods, DHalf Marathon
Woods, HHalf Marathon
Woods, J5K
Wreschinsky, M5K
Wunderlich, J5K
Yelaska, S5K
Yench, AHalf Marathon
Yohler, MHalf Marathon
Yonan, RHalf Marathon
Young, T5K
Youngstedt, SHalf Marathon
Yuan, YHalf Marathon
Zaborowski, BHalf Marathon
Zahn, JHalf Marathon
Zahorak, DHalf Marathon
Zahorak, SHalf Marathon
Zanghi, DHalf Marathon
Zavala, JHalf Marathon
Zhang, LHalf Marathon
Ziffra, SHalf Marathon
Zimmerman, R5K


About Us

Sponsored by Edward-Elmhurst Health, the Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon & 5K draws participants to Naperville’s lively downtown, historic sights and beautiful neighborhoods. Runners will delight in the kinetic atmosphere and well-managed course, made possible by extensive volunteer and spectator support.


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