2016 Volunteer Waiver

2016 Healthy Driven Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon Volunteer Waiver

This waiver MUST be accepted by a guardian if registrant is under 18 at the time of registration.

Your participation as a volunteer is based on your acknowledgment of and agreement to the following conditions: Read this form carefully before signing. I understand I’m volunteering for the Naperville Marathon Races even if I’ve been recruited and organized by a non-profit group. Volunteer work for a marathon is a potentially hazardous activity. A volunteer should not participate unless medically able to participate. Each volunteer assumes all risks associated with volunteering for this event, including but not limited to the effects of weather, traffic, course conditions and course surfaces, falls, and contact with other volunteers, runners and spectators. I am aware that medical support for this event will be provided by volunteer personnel who may be called upon to provide assistance, including first aid, to me as a volunteer during or after the event. I authorize any such volunteer to assist me or to perform such assistance as in the opinion of such person may be necessary or appropriate. I, for myself and any person entitled to act on my behalf, do hereby release Naperville Marathon Races, Naper Events LLC, the City Of Naperville, the State Of Illinois, Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare, Naperville Park District, Naperville Community School District 203, Indian Prairie School District 204, North Central College, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, USATF, Illinois Department of Transportation, DuPage County Highway Department, Naperville Township Highway Department, Will County Highway Department, Wheatland Township Highway Department, and all municipal agencies and other persons or entities associated with the event or its related activities, and each of their respective employees, agents, volunteers, representatives and affiliates (the Releasees ), from all liabilities, claims, actions or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in the event or its related activities, all municipal agencies and other persons or entities associated with the event, and each of their respective employees, agents, volunteers, representatives and affiliates (the “Releasees”), from all claims of liability of any kind and character whatsoever arising from my participation as a volunteer in any of the Naper Events LLC events or any of its allied or accompanying events. I consent to the use of my image in photos, video and audio recording, or film of my participation in any of the above-mentioned events.

2016 Healthy Driven Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon Volunteer Guidelines and Code of Conduct
Thank you for choosing to volunteer for the 2016 Healthy Driven Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon. As a World Class Volunteer for a World Class event for spectators, runners, charities, and sponsors below are Volunteer Guidelines and a Volunteer Code of Conduct you must agree to for the safety and enjoyment of all who participate.

Volunteer Guidelines
• Upon arrival, please check-in with your Captain at the designated volunteer check-in location.

• We highly recommend volunteers leave any and all valuables at home. The Naperville Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• All volunteers must wear their volunteer swag for the duration of their volunteer shift. This may include a shirt, hoody, jacket, and/or cap. This is for the safety of our runners so they know who to come to when they need assistance, as well as for security reasons.

• All volunteers will be required to stand for most, or all, of their shift. Please be prepared by dressing comfortably and appropriately for your assignment.

• Be prepared for inclement weather! This is the Chicago area and weather is unpredictable. The race will take place in rain, snow, or sunshine. By agreeing to volunteer you are agreeing not to cancel because of weather.

• All volunteers must plan to work the entirety of their shift. Shift times and locations have been predetermined as a safety precaution, and because we are a Boston Marathon qualifying course. The race cannot start unless our Volunteers are checked in for their assignment at their specified time.

• Please do not bring children, family, friends, or pets to your volunteer shift location. They could be considered distractions from your volunteer responsibilities and otherwise create a safety concern for our participants.

• Most Volunteer jobs require a minimum age of 18, however there are some for which age 12 years and above is a good fit. Persons aged 12-17 must be accompanied by and volunteer with an adult 21 years or older. Sorry, no exceptions.

• If you need to cancel, please contact your Captain immediately, go to the volunteer sign-up website to cancel your shift, and email volunteers@naperville26.com

Code of Conduct
• I agree not to consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol on any school, college, park district, or forest preserve property, or in any role associated with minors, or while driving during any event or task associated with the Naperville Marathon Races. I will not consume, possess, or be under the influence of illegal drugs during any event or task associated with the Naperville Marathon Races. I have not been convicted of a felony. If volunteering for a driving position, I have a valid driver’s license.

• Conduct yourself as a positive, informative member of our volunteer team. Consider how long these runners have been training and help celebrate their accomplishments!

• Follow all directions from your Volunteer Captain. These directions are in place for the safety of our runners and spectators. Ask questions when further information is needed.

• Refrain from using profane, harassing, or any other language which could be considered offensive while volunteering

• Respect and treat all event participants with dignity and kindness. Always remember you are an ambassador for the City of Naperville, our sponsors, charities, and the Naperville Marathon.

• As a Volunteer you agree to represent yourself as a Volunteer and not someone who accepts monetary compensation for being affiliated with The Naperville Marathon & Half Marathon. All experience listed on resumes, job applications, and networking sites will be as a volunteer. We want you to reference your time with us, but to do so accurately.

• Personal information gathered from Volunteers such as phone numbers, addresses, etc., will never be used for personal gain, solicitation, or sold.

• As a Volunteer you agree not to solicit business or directly promote your business where you will be financially compensated. If someone approaches you, that is acceptable but you are not to solicit.

• We encourage the use of social media, however, it must never be used to defame the event or a person such as a runner, volunteer, spectator, charity, the City of Naperville, or sponsor associated with the Naperville Marathon. Posts on social media must be respectful and positive.

• If privy to confidential information please keep it confidential! It must not be repeated for security and safety reasons.

• Feedback is appreciated and needed! Please follow the hierarchy and bring up concerns and suggestions to the Leadership team. These are, in ascending order, Captains, Coordinators, Managers, and Race Directors.

By clicking through to the Volunteer sign-up, I am stating I have read the above statements and I am in agreement to comply with the above. I also acknowledge I can be removed from my Volunteer position if this contract is broken.



About Us

Sponsored by Edward-Elmhurst Health, the Healthy Driven Naperville Half Marathon & 5K draws participants to Naperville’s lively downtown, historic sights and beautiful neighborhoods. Runners will delight in the kinetic atmosphere and well-managed course, made possible by extensive volunteer and spectator support.


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